Welcome to the Elmwood Community Centre

Elmwood Community Centre is a local voluntary organisation which is a registered charity working with families living in the Broad Green and Thornton Heath areas of Croydon, Surrey.  As a small local community group run entirely by volunteers, we work with the elderly, young people and small children to help make a difference to their lives.  We give the local community, through our members, a chance to join in, express opinions and give feedback on matters which may concern them.

We do this in practical ways, by providing a drop in centre for the whole family, outreach work, and information exchange.  We create a welcoming environment, helping them learn practical skills which might give them more access to existing job opportunites.  We provide support for women who are alone or who have difficulty in taking advantage of the services provided by the authorities.  We are often asked to explain how a particular service works, so that members can then use the services.

We try to deliver the best start in life for every child by bringing together early education, child care, health and family support.  In this way, we aim to facilitate a better outcome for children, parents, grandparents and communities.  We believe that, by improving the health and emotional development of young children, they and their families are likely to be able to realise their aspirations.  This will help provide social and emotional support for all of the community, including the elderly community.